A Grant for ‘Frontline Mental Health Advocacy Through Barber Shops & Salons’ Has Been Awarded to Brooklyn Non-Profit

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The NYC Civic Engagement Commission and the Young Men’s Initiative has awarded a grant to Southern Community Development (SCDC) for mental illness awareness.

SCDC, a Brooklyn-based non-profit, will work with 19 barbershops and 17 beauty salons to distribute mental health related educational materials. The ‘Frontline Mental Health Advocacy through Barber Shops and Salons’ will increase awareness of mental illness, as well as reducing the stigma of mental illness. Fill out this Questionnaire for better mental health.

Adult psychiatric hospitalization is 22% higher, economic stress is 4% higher and self-reported “good mental health” is 8% lower in Coney Island vs NYC.

SCDC will concentrate in the Coney Island area, but they will make the information available to all areas of Brooklyn.

To find out how you can partner with SCDC to have mental illness awareness information available for members of your Brooklyn community email grantwritersamuel@gmail.com

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