Applying For Medicare During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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During the coronavirus pandemic you can still apply for Medicare, but you will have to do it online because many of the Social Security Administration (SSA) offices are closed due to the pandemic that we all are facing.

If you are turning 65 or are under 65 and have a disability, you can still go to and apply for Medicare.

If you are 65 or older and lost your job, and lost your health insurance, or were on your spouse’s health insurance and your spouse lost his/her job, and health coverage, then you can go to the SSA website and apply for Medicare through the Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

The regular requirement states that your employer or your spouse’s employer would have to attest that you had health coverage within the past eight months. That requirement has been waived during this pandemic. Federal officials are allowing applicants to fill out the SEP form themselves and submit proof that they’ve had health coverage.

Instead of mailing the forms you can fax both the Medicare Part B form, CMS-40B and CMS L564- Request for Employment Information, along with proof that you had health coverage through your job to 1-833-914-2016.

If you lost your employment based health coverage and apply in April for Medicare Part B your Part B coverage will become effective in May.

If you want information on a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement Plan go to New York for Seniors | Medicare to setup a one on one consultation.

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