Bright Health’s Innovative Partnership With Mt Sinai To Offer Superior Healthcare in New York City

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Bright Health’s innovative Care Partner Health Plan model works exclusively with one health system per market to offer superior, integrated care “under one roof”. This relationship allows for coordination of services, technology, data and administration to optimize consumer and patient experience.  It creates a unique alignment between Bright Health and Mount Sinai when serving Bright Health members, with the promise of enhanced benefits, better outcomes and reduced healthcare costs overall.

“Over the past decade, we have been witnessing an evolving healthcare delivery landscape, marked by consolidation of small, independent providers into large, comprehensive health systems,” said Bob Sheehy, CEO of Bright Health, and former CEO of United Healthcare. “Mount Sinai is an exemplar of health systems that are doing this right – offering quality integrated care and expanded services to their patients. We are thrilled to partner with them to deliver quality care that is more affordable to hardworking New York City residents.  Our unique model is the next generation of health care – putting consumers first, eliminating the friction that has existed between providers and insurers in the past and allowing our members to focus on what really matters – their health.”

“We are honored that Bright Health asked us to anchor the provider network for its new Medicare Advantage offering in New York City,” said Stephen Furia, Senior Vice President of Population Health Solutions for Mount Sinai Health Partners. “For years, Mount Sinai has been investing heavily to improve the health of all of the populations we serve, especially seniors, but we need help from our health plan partners to be successful. Bright Health shares our goals for population health and has some impressive ideas for how they can empower our doctors, from behind the scenes, to achieve them. They also bring innovations that extend our doctor’s support for patients, especially in between visits when seniors need personalized help to stay on track. This new collaboration model holds great potential, giving our doctors the tools they need to optimize outcomes for our patients: high-quality care, personalized service at an affordable price. We’re excited for a long-term collaboration with Bright Health.”

Bright Health is an Official Partner of New York for Seniors®

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