Business Spotlight: Addus HomeCare Provides Independence For New York’s Seniors

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Addus HomeCare is one of the nation’s largest providers of personal home care and support services. As a client-focused, innovative and forward-thinking company, the team is always striving to provide cost-effective care and assistance that New Yorkers the freedom to remain in their homes.

As an industry leader, Addus has:

  • A Nationwide network of over 150 locations serving 25 states
  • Over 40 years of experience
  • Compassionate, dedicated team of employees
  • 24/7 coverage for clients

The home care professionals at Addus are focused on one objective: keeping their clients independent and healthy in their own homes.

There are five values that fully represent Addus:

Make a difference in another person’s life.
Service is the reason the company exists. Their primary job is to help improve the lives of others.

Be trustworthy and fair.
This applies to every interaction with clients and their families, and payers.

Treat others with kindness and dignity.
This is the guiding principle for all relationships.

Keep your word.
The team is committed to being dependable and creating a sense of trust.

Set the right example.
Leadership comes with a responsibility to uphold the highest standards.

For more information about Addus HomeCare, send them an email at or give them a call at 888.233.8746

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