Cuts to health care may affect Medicaid and Medicare recipients

In May 2017, Donald Trump proposed 4.1 trillion dollars in budget cuts with a large portion of those cuts going to Medicaid and Medicare.

One of the biggest issues facing Medicaid is cuts to tax increases that expand coverage to individuals who rely on the program. According to the New York Times, these cuts would not only impact one in five Americans who rely on Medicaid for health insurance, but two-thirds of the elderly population who live in nursing homes and receive subsidies from Medicaid.

In addition to cuts to Medicaid, NYT also reports that President Trump’s Health Care Act is projected to cut more than $58 billion from Medicare, which older Americans rely on for things like hospital care, nursing homes, and home care.

While the official Health Care bill still has not been approved by the senate, President Trump still expects to repeal The Affordable Care Act.


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