High COVID Rates in East New York Might Cause Local Schools To Remain Closed

Posted By NYC Newswire

Last week Mayor DeBlasio and Chancellor Richard Carranza closed schools citywide as the city reached the 3% threshold that was established before schools opened this year.

DeBlasio is getting pressure from some parents, mostly from the Upper West and East Sides of Manhattan, to reopen the schools. The pressure is causing DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo to come up with ways to reopen schools in zip codes that have a low COVID rate. East New York is among the highest in terms of the rate of COVID cases.

COVID rates in East New York in past 7 Days:

  • 11208 the rate is 4.1%
  • 11207 is 3.85%
  • 11239 is 3.49%.

If the city keeps school closed based on the COVID rates by zip code, then these rates would keep the schools in East New York closed. With a vaccine so close on the horizon many people believe the schools should remain closed for the remainder of this school year.  Keep in mind that “closing schools” only refers to closing the school buildings. Teachers will continue to teach their students remotely. Some teachers have expressed that their remote students are actually doing better than the students who are physically going into the school.

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