In NYC: What Are NORCs And Why Are They Important?

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by Susan Davidson / New York for Seniors

In New York City, a NORC is a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community, abbreviated as NORC, is a building or neighborhood in which there are a substantial number of residents aged 60 years or older. These areas can be defined as a neighborhood, an apartment building, or a housing complex, that was not originally intended as a senior home. This phenomenon has happened naturally over time, most commonly because people have moved into a home when they were younger and have aged there. Elderly individuals who live in metropolitan NY may already reside in a NORC and may be eligible for assistance. If not, an elderly individual who is fairly independent might consider relocating to a building or neighborhood that contains a NORC.

NORCs are administered by non-profit agencies that provide services for senior residents to aid them in being more independent and allow them to continue to live in their homes, preventing unwarranted nursing home placements. They also help the elderly to maintain social connections with friends and relatives, as well as encourage engagement with the community. Services may include case management, meals delivered to the home, preventative health measures, social activities, counseling, housecleaning services, transportation, and nursing services.

Examples of NORCs are; Hudson Guild, Penn South, Spring Creek (Starrett City), Co-Op City, Rochdale Village, Phipps Plaza West, Lincoln-Amsterdam Houses, Union Settlement, Morning Side / Goddard, Ravenswood HANAC and Stuytown.

If you would like FREE activities at your NORC, contact New York for Seniors at (877)255-7017. New York for Seniors provides free activities through its Senior Scene program. Activities can include ZUMBA, live jazz, sip and paint, in-depth health screenings, health fairs, massages and more.

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