Join Hunger Free America CEO Joel Berg Live on VOICES of East New York With Nikki Lucas Discussing Programs To Fight Hunger in NYC Sunday Oct 25

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Hunger remains a serious problem in New York City, but particularly among seniors and vulnerable New Yorkers during this pandemic. There are programs like SNAP and WIC that exist to help New Yorkers with accessing food. The problem is not everyone knows how to navigate the system to secure opportunities for food assistance.

This Sunday Oct. 25, 2020 @9am on the Livestream of VOICES of East New York with Nikki Lucas we will have the CEO of Hunger Free America, Joel Berg, as the main guest. He will be discussing ways to fight hunger and how best to access the programs that exist in New York City.

You can join the discussion and ask questions during the livestream. Here’s the link, Go to the link now and click “Get Reminder”.

Tune in and share the links with family and friends.

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