MetroPlus Gold Health Plan Membership Grows More Than 40 Percent

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MetroPlus Health Plan announced today that membership in its health plan for New York City government and other public employees – MetroPlus Gold – grew by more than 40 percent between January 2017 and January 2018, to 11,320. Overall, membership has more than doubled since January 2016.

Previously available only to employees of NYC Health + Hospitals, MetroPlus Gold was first offered as an option to all City employees, as well as other local entities, such as CUNY, MTA, and the Port Authority, in January 2016. “We are encouraged by the resounding response to our high-quality, low-cost product, and particularly proud of the 1,500-plus Police Department and 900-plus Department of Education employees who have enrolled in MetroPlus Gold,” said Seth Diamond, chief operating officer of MetroPlus.

“This is my second year as a member of MetroPlus Gold, and it’s great when you don’t have to worry about paying out of pocket all the time,” said Kenneth Johnson, who works in human resources at the Department of Education. “Monthly premium $0, deductible $0, copays $0 – all those zeros really add up. And the $250 gym reimbursement MetroPlus Gold offers means that I am actually signing up at a gym and about to start working out again. That’s marvelous.”

MetroPlus Gold health plan is available to public employees, their qualified domestic partners and eligible dependents, and non-Medicare eligible retirees. Eligible New York City employees had the opportunity to switch or join health plans during the open enrollment period in October. Due largely to an aggressive outreach program to nearly every New York City agency, MetroPlus Gold saw enrollment grow substantially, bringing current membership to 11,320, the highest in its history. In January 2017, MetroPlus Gold enrollment stood at 8,035.

With providers in more than 31,000 sites across New York City, MetroPlus Gold features a comprehensive benefit package. A low-cost prescription drug rider is also available, along with enhanced member extras, including wellness programs and gym reimbursements. “Our extensive outreach to City employees, which included seminars, webinars, an advertising push, and targeted street activations, focused on the plan’s $0 copay, $0 premium, and $0 deductible, making MetroPlus Gold an attractive option for these hard-working employees,” Mr. Diamond added.

MetroPlus also offers a special health plan option, MetroPlus GoldCare, available to all eligible Local 205, DC 1707 day care workers. MetroPlus GoldCare features two affordable plans, each with a low monthly premium, modest copays, and a comprehensive benefit package.

Eligible New York City employees can choose MetroPlus Gold at the time they are hired or during the annual autumn open enrollment period. Those interested in enrolling can contact the benefits manager where they work for more information or call MetroPlus Gold member services at 1-877-475-3795, Monday through Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm.

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