New Event Series and Survey Aims to Empower East New Yorkers

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Did you know that over 33% of the residents in East New York are severely rent burdened, meaning they spend more than half of their income on rent? At the same time, the vacancy rate is only 5%, indicating that there is a high demand for housing in the area. Burdened by a poverty rate of over 28%, this then leads many residents to struggle to make ends meet, which is exacerbated by few available opportunities for job creation and quality education.

Moreover, East New York ranks as a 5 out of 5 on the Heat Vulnerability Index (HVI), which exacerbates pre-existing health conditions. In both New York City and urban areas nationwide, neighborhoods with lower incomes, like East New York, tend to experience the highest temperatures due to a lack of green infrastructure, crowded housing, and limited open park space.

There is no doubt that something must be done! It is critical that East New Yorkers have a direct voice in addressing issues facing the community – from shaping new development to engaging with leaders that can bring such voices in on the decision-making processes that affect their lives.


EMPOWER East New York is a new comprehensive event and survey series designed to amplify the voices of local residents and stakeholders as it relates to solutions to some of the neighborhood’s most pressing issues. The series’ goals include economic empowerment through financial education, community relationship-building, and collection of essential data points to inform future developments and happenings.

Underutilized areas such as Broadway Junction offer a range of opportunities to house thousands of East New York’s most vulnerable residents and families, while increasing open green space and reducing overcrowding. The EMPOWER East New York campaign is an omni-channel approach to facilitating responsible neighborhood revitalization.



In partnership with Local Development Corp of East New York, there is a new survey that places the power in the hands of those who actually live in the community. Covering topics from affordable housing to jobs to transportation, the survey is a critical component for the future of East New York as the results will help elected officials and community leaders make informed decisions that directly relate to needs and wants of the area’s residents, workers, and visitors.

By filling out the survey, you will become an official East New York Mover and Shaper, gaining access to exclusive events and opportunities.

To complete the survey, go to


EMPOWER ENY Event Series

Accompanying the survey, the team is also hosting a series of events that tie in the various topics found within the survey as a vehicle for community members to further explore solutions to bring about a brighter future for the neighborhood.

Attendees of the EMPOWER ENY Event series can expect to have more direct, one-on-one conversations with local legislators and community organizers, making their voices heard in the most impactful way possible.

The current event schedule is as follows:

  • March 30th at 7pm EST – EMPOWER East New York Leadership Roundtable (Virtual Kickoff)
  • April 29th at 12pm EST – Navigating the Affordable Housing Lottery
  • May 27th at 12pm EST – Tools to Empower Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs
  • June 24th at 12pm EST – Can Blockchain Be Used for Community Development?

For the upcoming virtual kickoff event taking place on March 30th, there are six special guest panelists:   (Founder of Equity Platforms, Inc.)

Sign up for the virtual kickoff event at

Getting Involved 

EMPOWER ENY is powered by The People, and we need your input. If you would like to volunteer as a community coordinator for the event series, please reach out to and one of our team members will facilitate your involvement. To attend, simply go to the Eventbrite page to sign up:

If you own a business or community organization and would like to sponsor the event series, feel free to request a partnership deck by sending an email to



East New York’s future success depends heavily on community participation, and campaigns such as EMPOWER East New York are essential to strengthening the fabric of society that weaves all the various players together on one platform. In doing so, we help galvanize members with a singular purpose – to uplift the East New York neighborhood for generations to come!

To become an official Mover and Shaper, fill out the survey at

Lastly, be sure to sign up for the upcoming March 30th kickoff event at

It’s time to become EMPOWERED!

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