‘New York for Seniors’ Announces Expanded Events Plan for 2019 Health and Wellness Series

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New York for Seniors, a senior-focused initiative, which produces the New York for Seniors Wellness and Resource series of events, as well as co-producing the HealthyNYC Expo series, has announced their expansion plans for 2019.

“We feel really good about our initiatives that have proven to be successful thus far, and we want to expand the opportunities to help seniors in New York City to become more active”, stated Wayne Jordan, SVP of New York for Seniors. “Our NewYorkforSeniors.com website and social media channels have seen a 145% increase in engagement over the past year, which tells us that seniors and caregivers are following us online to find out about our events, and to become more educated about home care, health care, and other issues that impact their lives.”

With over 1.2 million seniors, over the age of 65, living in New York City, it is more important than ever to provide more activities through events, as well as providing information on digital platforms like nyforseniors.com. Over 70% of seniors are actively online, and that number is growing everyday.

“We are excited about the expansion of our events for 2019”, stated Vernon Jones, Sr, CEO of JIG Media, the founders of the New York for Seniors and HealthyNYC initiatives. “We receive calls everyday from seniors and caregivers, asking us when is our next event. We ae adding at least 10 events for 2019 because of the need.  Our events are not setup to sell seniors on anything.  We provide information and our partners are there to provide resources and to educate seniors and caregivers on health care options, home care options, and to answer questions about resources that are available to seniors and caregivers.  We also provide free refreshments, live entertainment, important workshops, games and giveaways. Most importantly this is an opportunity for seniors to stay engaged and active.  It’s a win-win all the way around.  Our partners are important, and their support shows that they truly care about the seniors.”

Some event partners at recent New York for Seniors and HealthyNYC events included Fidelis Care, Anthem, Tradition Home Care, Caring Professionals, Department of Aging, Spring Creek Senior Partners, Kings County Hospital, MetroPlus, and many more.

For 2019, the New York for Seniors team will produce multiple events in all boroughs of New York City, and they are looking at the possibility of launching events in Westchester, New Rochelle and Long Island. Events in Brownsville, East New York, Governor’s Island, and Bronx will remain on the list as well.

Aging-focused companies, agencies and non-profits are encouraged to contact New York for Seniors to partner with New York for Seniors for 2019, as a sponsor, vendor, or community partner.

To become an event partner, or for further information you can call New York for Seniors at 877-255-7017 or email info@jig.media

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