Three Ways to Keep Students Motivated During the Pandemic

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Whether you are attending school remotely, attending in-person instruction, or a hybrid of both, it may be difficult to stay encouraged considering this new normal. And, with winter promising earlier evenings and chillier days, it may only get more challenging. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated:

1) Create a routine


It’s important to stick to a routine so that school doesn’t overwhelm your entire day. Don’t know where to start? Your morning routine could look like:

  • Setting a morning alarm;
  • Getting dressed for the day,
  • Eating a balanced breakfast, and
  • Getting to class on time.

Also, decide how much time you’d like to dedicate to schoolwork outside of the classroom—for studying, reviewing notes, or completing assignments. Make sure to build in some time for lunch, breaks, and after school rest.

Creating this structure will allow you to feel some control over your day.

Lastly, here is a quick bonus tip: use a whiteboard or a day planner to help you stay organized.

 2) Set small goals and reward yourself

Set a small goal to look forward to completing each day. Your goal can be as simple as:

  • Sleeping a full eight hours at night;
  • Attending class on time;
  • Participating in your teacher’s office hours for extra help; or
  • Practicing a tough lesson and more.

You may want to set goals that contribute towards larger tasks or projects. For example, reading a few chapters a night in preparation to complete your book report may alleviate some anxiety.

Once you’ve completed this goal, don’t forget to reward yourself! Rewards might be a Zoom call with a friend, a healthy snack, watching a video on YouTube, or playing video games for a half hour.

Accomplishing a small goal feels terrific and will uplift your mood and motivate you to tackle bigger tasks.

3) Eat balanced meals and stay active


How you eat can affect your mood and productivity. If you aren’t eating enough or aren’t eating the right things, your brain will have a hard time staying focused. Processed, prepackaged foods like soda, candy, or cereals high in fats and sugar are quickly broken down. This type of energy is used up by your body fast. As a result, you may feel tired and sluggish after eating processed foods.

So, make sure to include the following food groups into your meals each day to gain long-term energy:

  • Leafy green vegetables like spinach or kale;
  • Your favorite fruits (this could be apples, bananas, grapes, or even berries);
  • Proteins like eggs, yogurt, or fish; and
  • Grains like oatmeal or brown rice.

To make your day run even smoother, try to prepare meals and healthy snacks ahead of time.

Lastly, don’t forget to engage in some fun physical activity. You can go for a walk, follow an online workout video, or dance to your favorite songs for quick and easy ways to stay active.

During this unique time, you can expect dips in motivation and productivity. While the tips above can help you stay on task, remember that it’s okay to take some time off to relax. With consistency and mindfulness, you’ll be able to overcome some of the stress associated with the many changes facing the world today. Be patient with yourself, and push forward!

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