Understanding the CDPAP Program For New York Residents

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As New York for Seniors continues to try its best to educate seniors and caregivers on key topics that impact the lives of seniors, particularly when it comes to Home Care, Medicaid, Housing, Food and Transportaion, here’s an educational home article provided by Special Touch Home Care Services.

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As we all age, we all aspire to have a good quality of life. While states have programs to assist aging populations, many New York residents rely on the CDPAP program. Let’s examine what the CDPAP program is and how you or your loved one may benefit from it.

What does CDPAP Stand For?

CDPAP stands for Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. The program is exclusively for New York state residents and is also a Medicaid program allowing consumers to connect with, hire, recruit, and orchestrate their home care workers. One of the program’s most significant benefits is that it will enable consumers to hire their friends or even their family members to assist in their care.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for the CDPAP program?

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for the CDPAP program. You must require care in the home, you must have Medicaid, and you must either have a representative that can direct your care –or be self-directing. While additional factors can affect a person’s eligibility, you want to begin your CDPAP application process by meeting those criteria.

Do I Have to Be in a Medicaid Managed Care Plan to Enroll in the CDPAP program?

For many consumers, there is a requirement to be enrolled in some type of Medicaid Managed Care program to enroll in the CDPAP program. Thankfully, many consumers do have a choice as to which plan they can enroll in. Should you enroll in an MLTC or a Managed Long-Term plan, there are various plans a consumer can select from, with each offering a unique group of benefits for the consumer.

Where can I Get a CDPAP Application?

As your New York home healthcare agency, we can assist you with your CDPAP application. If you’re looking to hire a friend or a family member to spearhead your home care, then we can assist you with enrolling in the CDPAP program. Generally, the process of enrolling in the CDPAP program consists of three components. They include: selecting the caregiver or home health aide you desire, completely filling out the consumer forms, and receiving an assessment from a qualified nurse.

There’s no need for you to sit and attempt to figure out all of the details. Your New York home healthcare agency can work with you, ensuring that your CDPAP application is complete. In fact, you can connect with us, and one of our specialists will be happy to not only explain the entire application process to you—but guide you through your CDPAP enrollment.

What Are the Services Personal Assistant Can Provide Under the CDPAP Program?

A personal assistant will be able to undertake an array of duties and responsibilities. Some of the most common include companionship, grooming, dressing, assistance with meal preparation, and other tasks necessary to maintain a patient’s well-being and safety in the home.

Who Pays for CDPAP?

Medicaid pays for the CDPAP program. Additionally, there are no costs to enroll, and the program is free to participate.

Does My Caregiver Have to Have a Special License or Certification?

Although the CDPAP program doesn’t require that your chosen health care aide have any special training, experience, or certification– your health care assistant can receive training once they begin caring for you.

Can I Care for my Wife or Husband?

The CDPAP program doesn’t allow a spouse to be the designated caregiver. However, another adult is allowed to be a caregiver for your spouse.

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