Yvonne Murphy the CEO Of Beacon Eldercare Will Be Live on Healthcare Segment Of Video Series Educating Seniors & Caregivers About Long Term Care

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Yvonne Murphy, the CEO of Beacon Eldercare will be live on VOICES of East New York With Nikki Lucas, Sunday May 10, 2020 at 9am. Murphy will be the featured guest on the healthcare segment, educating caregivers and seniors on Long Term Care.  She will be explaining how family members can get help taking care of elderly parents or family members.

Murphy will also explain how families can access home care through their current insurance or through Medicaid.  If you have questions you will be able to ask her on the live show.

If you or a family member are looking for answers about Long Term Care, then be sure to watch the show.

The healthcare segment is sponsored by New York for Seniors.

Click here for the link to the show.

If you have questions about Long Term Care you can call the New York for Seniors’ Long Term Care Hotline toll-free at (866) 984-4389 and you will be connected to New York for Seniors Long Term Care partners.

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