HealthCare Panel Discussion Helps Seniors and Caregivers Understand Home Care and Medicaid Eligibility

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Panelists left to right (Linda DeJesus/ Cooperative Home Care, Andre Richardson/ Tobacco Free Kids, Danielle Johnson/ Empire Blue Cross, Melissa Cohen/ModernMD Urgent Care)

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The 3rd Annual HealthyNYC Expo held in East Brooklyn recently, included the launch of the HealthCare Panel Discussion segment, which will now be included at every citywide HealthyNYC Expo and New York for Seniors Health & Wellness Resource event produced by JIG Media.

The panel discussion was held in front of a packed audience of seniors and caregivers, with topics that are important to the attendees. Linda DeJesus, the panelist who represented Cooperative Home Care, was able to explain the services included with home care as well as  giving attendees some insight into qualifying for Medicaid, which remains a serious issue for many of New York’s seniors. Some attendees spoke about how they did not qualify for Medicaid because they were just $40 or $50 above the eligible income threshold of $859 per month for a single person over the age 65.

After the panel discussion seniors and caregivers discussed the experience as being “very informative” and “fabulous”.

The HealthCare Panel Discussion segment is in line with the mission of New York for Seniors and HealthyNYC, which is to provide important information to seniors, caregivers and heads of households about healthcare resources, while putting them in direct contact with the organizations and experts who can assist with their healthcare needs.

The next HealthCare Panel Discussion will be held at the HealthyNYC Expo in Central Brooklyn, Saturday Oct. 19, 2019 at the Berean Community & Family Life Center located at 1635 Bergen St. Expert panelists will be on hand to discuss the following topics:

  • Qualifying for Medicaid
  • Do I lose my independence if I have a home aide?
  • Open Enrollment: What is it and how does it affect my current healthcare?
  • Plus other healthcare related topics

Throughout the Expo attendees have the opportunity to talk to various home care agencies and health insurers about their home care and healthcare needs. At the conclusion of the panel discussion attendees are invited to talk to the panelists one on one to discuss their specific healthcare questions and concerns. The panel discussion starts the conversation and the one on one opportunity allows you to really receive detailed information and next steps to receiving Home Care, Medicaid or expanded Medicare options.

All panelists are Official Members of the New York for Seniors initiative, with a mission of educating seniors and caregivers on the many resources that are available for them throughout New York City. Members are true supporters of New York City’s senior population.

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